Welcome to Roberto Chiappa MD website

Welcome to Roberto Chiappa MD website - Roberto Chiappa

Roberto Chiappa MD is a  Vascular Surgeon and Interventional Radiologist, operating in Rome at the Policlinico Casilino and private clinics affiliated with the ASL RMB
for years dealing particularly of aorto iliac, femoro popliteal and extracranial (carotid) arterial diseases and their surgical treatment even with the use of less invasive endovascular techniques

After more than ten years experience in Italian and foreign Vascular Surgery Centers he improved his skills by enrolling in 2005, Endovascular Surgery at the Interventional Radiology School, earning a specific Advanced Professional Degree in November 2008

He deals with integrated surgical and endovascular approaches the complex treatment of critical limb ischemia (limb salvage) collaborating with colleagues of internal medicine and plastic surgery

has gained further experience in a particular mini-invasive treatment of venous disease of the lower limbs (radiofrequency or laser treatment of varicose disease of lower limbs, invagination saphenectomy outpatients flebectomy with aesthetic micro-incisions)